Alaska’s Top Fishing Guide: Secure Your Spot for 2024 with Kenai Fly Fish

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As the new year approaches, it’s time to turn your fishing dreams into reality with Alaska’s premier fishing guide service, Kenai Fly Fish. Known for our expert-guided adventures on the iconic Kenai River, we’re thrilled to announce that spots for our 2024 fishing expeditions are now open. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or new to the sport, join us for an unforgettable journey into the heart of Alaska’s fishing paradise.

Why Choose Kenai Fly Fish?

Experience and Expertise: Led by seasoned professionals, our team brings unparalleled knowledge of the Kenai River’s waters, ensuring you’re in the best hands. Our guides are not only skilled anglers but passionate educators who are eager to share their love for the sport and the environment.

Tailored Adventures: At Kenai Fly Fish, we understand that every angler has unique preferences. Whether you’re after the mighty Chinook Salmon, the acrobatic Silver Salmon, or the prolific Sockeye Salmon, we customize each trip to meet your specific angling desires and goals.

Sustainability First: We’re committed to sustainable fishing practices, ensuring the preservation of Alaska’s natural beauty and fish populations for future generations. Fishing with us means contributing to the conservation of the Kenai River’s ecosystem.

All-Inclusive Experience: From top-of-the-line rods and reels to tackle and waders, we provide all the necessary gear for your adventure. Plus, our guides will fillet your catch, allowing you to savor the taste of success.

Spots Open for 2024: Book Now!

Prime Dates Fill Quickly: The Kenai Peninsula is a coveted destination for anglers worldwide, and our spots for the 2024 season are filling up fast. To secure your preferred dates, we encourage early booking. Whether you’re planning a solo expedition, a family trip, or an outing with friends, now is the time to reserve your adventure.

A Wide Range of Options: We offer half-day, 3/4-day, and full-day trips to accommodate your schedule and preferences. Each option provides a unique opportunity to explore the Kenai River’s rich waters and diverse fish populations.

Creating Lasting Memories: Beyond the thrill of the catch, a trip with Kenai Fly Fish is an experience filled with breathtaking scenery, wildlife sightings, and the camaraderie of shared adventures. It’s not just about fishing; it’s about creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Ready to Cast Your Line?

If you’re dreaming of battling salmon in Alaska’s pristine waters, don’t let another year pass by. Join us at Kenai Fly Fish for the ultimate fishing adventure on the Kenai River. With our expertise, personalized service, and commitment to conservation, we’re dedicated to making your 2024 fishing trip an unparalleled experience.

Book your spot now and get ready to immerse yourself in the majesty of Alaska with the top fishing guide on the Kenai Peninsula. Contact Kenai Fly Fish today, and let’s start planning your 2024 fishing adventure together

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Kenai River Fish Species

Rainbow Trout

Kenai River rainbows can be well over 30 inches and up to 20lbs!

Dolly Varden Char

Dollies range of all sizes and can reach up to about 12 lbs.


Steelhead are very uniform in shape and average around 28 inches. These amazing, acrobatic fish are often a fly fisherman’s favorite to target.

King Salmon

The Kenai River is open to motorized boats, allowing us chase the bite, and stay on the fish!

Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye salmon (also called red salmon) are the most popular salmon to catch on the Kenai Peninsula.

Coho Salmon

Ranging anywhere from 5-20lbs, coho are acrobatic and are probably the most aggressive salmon out there.

Pink Salmon

Pinks are completely underrated, they are extremely aggressive to catch and come in by the millions!


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