What to Pack

Alaska’s weather can change at any time. I always recommend you bring lots of layers. At a minimum, you’ll need: gloves, polarized sunglasses, camera, hat, and a good rain jacket. The rivers are glacial water and are very cold. Depending on what we’re fishing for, chest waders are usually recommended. Don’t worry if you don’t have your own gear, rental options for boots and waders are available at Mossy’s Fly shop in Anchorage. Keep in mind that they are closed on Sundays. I will discuss whether you need waders with you before your trip. I can provide hip boots for everyone for sockeye fishing. I’ll need a list of all sizes from the group.

Mossys Fly Shop
750 West Dimond Blvd #114
Anchorage, Ak 99515

(907) 770-2666

If you’re fishing for King salmon you will most likely not need waders. Rain pants and rubber boots are highly recommended. The seats are damp and hopefully you will be covered in fish slime by the end of the day. Check the weather forecast the day before so you know what to expect. Even if the weather claims it’s going to be nice, please prepare for the worst. Feel free to bring your own fishing gear but I recommend using the equipment that I provide. I am equipped with the highest quality fishing gear available.