Kasilof River King Salmon,
MAY 20 to JULY 31

Kasilof River king salmon (also known as chinook salmon) are an anadromous species and the largest species of Pacific salmon. Kings are the first available fish, starting around May 16th with the run ending at the end of July. The first run fish are mostly hatchery fish and get up to about 30 lbs. King fishing is mostly done with conventional gear from a boat. The limit is usually 2 hatchery fish per person. The second run of kings enter the river throughout the month of July with some of them reaching up to 80lbs! Make sure to ask me about the current rules and regulations, as they tend to change frequently.

Kasilof River is located about 15 miles south of Soldotna. This river is a drift boat fishery and is well known for its beautiful scenery. It is very important to be prepared for an early morning, but most importantly be flexible. We will go over the boat launch location and start time a day or two before the trip. For a full day we will be fishing for 8-9 hours. For a half-day charter it will be 4-5 hours. Be sure to show up early to pay for parking. Once you paid for parking, walk down the hill towards the water, look for boat number 382 and ask for Ian McDonald.  All you will need is drinks, rain gear, a camera, sunglasses, and fishing license. I can provide breakfast burritos and lunch. You will not need waders, but rubber boots are recommended. Make sure to purchase a king salmon stamp in addition to your license.

If you plan on taking fish home, be sure to have a cooler in your car. For purchasing ice, there is a gas station nearby and I will direct you to one of the many fish processors in. Here is a link to the available fish processors to get an idea on pricing:

Kasilof River Boat Launch