Kenai River Coho Salmon,

Coho (also known as silver salmon) is an anadromous species and one of the 5 pacific salmon. Coho salmon are by far my favorite salmon to catch.  In addition to them being great table fare, they are a blast to catch on both fly and spin gear. Ranging anywhere from 5-20lbs, coho are acrobatic and are probably the most aggressive salmon out there. We usually start seeing coho in catchable numbers early to mid August and ends in October.

If the plan is to fish for coho salmon, then we will be fishing from Skilak down.  With access to about 50 miles of fishable water, it’s important to be flexible to what boat launch we will be launching from. We will go over boat launch location, start time, and any new regulations a day or two before the trip. I will provide detailed maps to what boat launch I’ve decided on.  When you arrive to the boat ramp I will be in the water getting gear ready. You can find me by walking down the ramp and asking for Ian McDonald. In August the limit is usually 2 per person and in September its 3 per person.

If you plan on taking fish home, be sure to have a cooler in your car. For purchasing ice, there is a gas station nearby, and I will direct you to one of the many fish processors. Here is a link to the available fish processors to get an idea on pricing.