Kenai River Pink Salmon,
Early August-End of August

During this time, the Kenai River is bustling with pink salmon on even years. These fish are often overlooked, but they are a blast to catch and come in huge numbers! Ranging from 2-12lbs, pink salmon make for a great catch for kids and can even be a tasty meal when fresh. If you’re looking for non-stop fishing action, pink salmon should definitely be on your list. The limit is typically 6 per person and can be easily reached.

If your goal is to target pink salmon, we’ll be fishing from Skilak Lake downstream. With access to about 50 miles of fishable water, we’ll have to be flexible with our boat launch location. I’ll touch base with you a day or two before your trip to go over the launch location, start time, and any new regulations. I’ll also provide detailed maps so you know exactly where to find me. Just look for Ian McDonald on the boat ramp when you arrive.

If you’re planning on bringing some fish home, make sure you have a cooler in your vehicle. You can purchase ice at a nearby gas station and I’ll point you in the direction of one of the many fish processors. Here’s a link to check out pricing at the various processors.