Kenai Flyfish specializes in full and half day guided fishing trips on the Kenai River. We’ll provide top of the line fishing experiences and the highest quality gear.


Please contact me, at any time, for multi day package pricing information.


With our short seasons, I am fully committed to giving you the best possible fishing experience. Feel free to contact me via email, phone call, or text.

About Kenai Flyfish

Kenai Flyfish is owned and operated by life long angler Ian McDonald. A passionate angler, Ian has made a lifestyle and career pursuing the Steelhead, salmon, and trout found in the Pacific Northwest. He has traveled the world to catch many exotic species, yet remains committed to the world-class fishing of the Kenai Peninsula. Kenai Flyfish will provide you with top of the line rods and reels designed specifically for the methods of angling and species of fish being pursued. With a combination of knowledge, skill and hard work, your guide is committed to making your fishing adventure successful.