Kenai River Sockeye Salmon,
JUNE 11 to AUGUST 15

Sockeye Salmon (also called reds) is an anadromous species of salmon found in the northern pacific ocean and rivers flowing into it. Sockeye salmon are well known for their bright red hue while in their spawning faze.  In the Kenai River, Sockeye are not far behind the kings, but are the second salmon to arrive. There are two very distinctive runs in the Kenai River. The first run ends up spawning in the Russian River in Cooper Landing. The Second run is the largest of the two runs. The late run enters the river early July and ends around mid August. The sustainable Escapement Goal for second run Sockeye is 750,0001,300,000 fish.

First Run Rushian River Sockeye Count

Second Run Sockeye Count

If the plan is to fish for sockeye salmon, then we will be fishing from Skilak down.  With access to about 50 miles of fishable water, it’s important to be flexible to what boat launch we will be launching from. We will go over boat launch location, start time, and any new regulations a day or two before the trip. I will provide detailed maps to what boat launch I’ve decided on.  When you arrive to the boat ramp I will be in the water getting gear ready. You can find me by walking down the ramp and asking for Ian McDonald. Most likely the limit will be 3 per person but be prepared for a change in the regulations. I provide all the fishing equipment needed. Sockeye fishing will most likely be done on the shore line with a fly rod but I’m more than happy to supply conventional gear, if requested. For a full day we will be fishing for 8-9 hours. For a half day charter it will be 4-5 hours. Be sure to show up early to pay for parking. All you will need to bring is food, drinks, rain gear, camera, waders, and fishing license. I am more than happy to supply hip boots. Make sure to give me boot sizes well before the trip so I can prepare.

If you plan on taking fish home, be sure to have a cooler in your car. For purchasing ice, there is a gas station nearby, and I will direct you to one of the many fish processors. Here is a link to the available fish processors to get an idea on pricing.