What to Expect

The night before, we will be discussing what boat launch and what time we will be meeting at in the morning. Depending on the species, the best fishing can be done earliest in the morning, so be prepared for an early start. Make sure that you eat a good breakfast before you arrive. At the boat launch I will be making sure that you will be warm and going over my daily safety speech. I will be going over the gear and techniques that we will be using to insure the best quality fishing day possible. These techniques are very easy to teach and it’s common that I have new fisherman. Full day fishing will be 8-10 hours and half day is 4-5. I highly recommend catch and release. We will have opportunities to take fish home so I will insure that your fish is properly processed for the best quality salmon filets. I’m also a photographer and can provide photos and videos of your fishing experience. At the end of the day we can head to the local restaurant for a couple beers to celebrate our catch!