Kenai Fly Fish specializes in full and half day guided fishing trips on the Kenai River. We’ll provide you with a top-of-the-line fishing experience and the highest quality gear.


We at Kenai Fly Fish take pride in providing our clients with high-quality services customized just to suit their needs. Whether you’re looking for a half-day trip or a multi-day adventure, we have the perfect package that will be sure not only to meet but exceed all expectations!


Located in Sterling, Alaska is Kenai Fly Fish. The company operates fly fishing trips throughout the region and offers special rates for groups of five or more! Feel free to contact us via email (, phone call, or text at (907) 301-6957.

Expert-Guided Adventures

With its world-class salmon runs and breathtaking natural beauty, June offers an exciting opportunity for anglers to experience the thrill of fishing on the Kenai River. Whether targeting Sockeye or Coho Salmon, anglers can expect unforgettable fishing adventures and the chance to reel in trophy-sized fish against the backdrop of Alaska's stunning wilderness. So pack your gear, plan your trip, and get ready for an unforgettable salmon fishing experience in June 2024 on the Kenai River!

Kenai Kings with Kenai Fly Fish - Sterling, Alaska, USA

Guided Full and Half-Day Fishing Trips

Whether you're looking for a half-day trip or a multi-day adventure, we have the perfect package that will be sure not only to meet but exceed all expectations!

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Rainbow Trout


The Kenai River is a well-known fishing hot spot for Rainbow trout. It supports one of the healthiest and most robust populations in Alaska, making it an excellent place to catch these fish! Kenai River rainbows can be well over 30 inches and up to 20lbs!

Dolly Varden Char


Dolly Varden is a small, delicate fish with the ability to jump out of the water and onto your fly. They are fun to catch because they can be difficult for beginners but easy once you get used to them! Dollies range of all sizes and can reach up to about 12 lbs.



Alaska is the last frontier for fishing enthusiasts, and if you’re looking to take your skills up a notch or just want an adventure this fall then steelhead fishing on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula should be at top of the list. Steelheads are very uniform in shape and average around 28 inches. These amazing, acrobatic fish are often a fly fisherman’s favorite to target.

King Salmon

MAY 20 to JULY 31

The most famous salmon in all of America is, without question or dispute…the Kings Of The Kenai! That’s right folks; it takes a lot to get your name on this list and earn yourself an 80-pounder.

Sockeye Salmon

JUNE 11 to AUGUST 15

Sockeye salmon (also called red salmon) are the most popular salmon to catch on the Kenai Peninsula. The most famous and best-eating salmon in the world starts coming to Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula around June. These sockeye are noted for their sweet flavor, which can’t be beat anywhere!

Coho (Silver) Salmon


Coho “Silver” Salmon is a great fish for fly fishermen to target. Ranging in weight from 5-20 pounds, these salmon can be found jumping up and down near the bank of Kenai River’s waters where they were first born years ago!

Pink Salmon


Here at Kenai Fly Fish we think that Pink Salmon are the best fish for younger ages and family fun fishing trips. Pinks are completely underrated, they are extremely aggressive to catch and come in by the millions!



Halibut fishing is a thrill all year round. You can easily find Halibuts in June, July, and August when the weather becomes more stable with temperatures not changing too much from day to night or hour-to-hour

World-class Kenai River fishing trips!

If you’re looking for some of the most pristine fishing on earth, head to the Kenai River in Alaska.

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Outside Beyond the Lens - Kenai Alaska
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Isaiah Battel
Isaiah Battel

Ian is a long time local. His passion for fly fishing and his knowledge of his home water the Kenai river are unparalleled. 10/10 would recommend. Book a trip, you won’t be disappointed!

Rosa Hensley
Rosa Hensley

Ian is the best out there! So knowledgeable and patient. He green lit my family bringing a 2.5 year old on the boat - of course an epic meltdown ensued - Ian was fantastic and just took us to shore briefly to manage things and then got us right back out to fish! Second year in a row going with him for Silvers and many more to come!

Dustin Murphy
Dustin Murphy

Ian was super knowledgeable and kept us on the fish. Also was friendly and knows how to bbq a killer dog for lunch! Had a great time.

Aaron Corbin
Aaron Corbin

Ian was great & put us on tons of fish!
The communication before the trip was good and working out where and when to meet was clear and easy. I’ve fly fished a lot but fishing long leaders from a boat was new to me. Ian explained it well and had us catching fish quickly. Having grown up in Alaska my reaction to the scenery is probably muted compared to most people but spending the day on Kenai was a great experience. Ian proved to be a knowledgeable guide & he put in the effort to provide us a great experience. I’d definitely go fishing with Ian and bones again.

David Voracek
David Voracek

I called Ian McDonald to set up fly fishing for my entire company. He took care of everything. He found all of the guides we needed for twelve people, and called every day to check and make sure we were happy and things were going as we planned. I am impressed with his ability and kind nature, which helped make our nine day vacation run smoothly. We caught many fish and have a lot of pictures to prove it. I'd recommend Kenai Fly Fish to anyone.

- Dr. David P. Voracek

David Young
David Young

Great day! Ian knows the river better than anyone. He will put you on fish and coach you all at the same time. We caught quality trout (25”+) and Ian was terrific.

I called him as a last minute request and he fit us in! I’ve fished with Ian many times, even prior to going out on his own. His knowledge and skill are not easily matched. Thanks for a great trip - we will be back!


I have fished with quite a few guides over the years, specifically targeting large Kenai river rainbows. Ian is by far the best there is when it comes to catching these big trout! I highly recommend him.

Scott Steeves
Scott Steeves

Ian was great. Very knowledgeable. We had a great time and caught lots of fish.

Andrey Severtokov
Andrey Severtokov

Me and my brother had our best ever fishing trip with Ian. We had super fun catching silvers and trout fishing was amazing. Ian, we appreciate your hard work to try different techniques and teach us. How you care for the river and fish is top notch. It was really fun to spend time with you and we are looking forward to see you soon again. And we love your dog!!!


Had a great trip with Ian. I took my 6 and 8 year old boys on their first fly fishing trip. It was an epic day and both boys caught nice fish, including a 23 and 28” bow! Ian was super with the kids and an all around great guy. Highly recommended!

I was more than pleased with my fishing trip to the Kenai with guide, Ian McDonald. Ian is very experienced and obviously knows this river like the back of his hand. I would highly recommend his guide service to anyone that is looking for a fantastic day of fishing on the Kenai no matter what skill level you are. Ian is patient, knowledgeable, courteous and professional. I can't wait to fish with him again.
- Katie

Caught our silver limit within the first 20 minutes and spent the rest of our day catching more trout than I’ve ever seen! Ian was incredibly helpful and showed us an amazing time. Regardless of your experience level, this is worth the trip. Couldn’t recommend enough!
- Miranda

This is my second time going out with Kenai Fly Fish/Ian. He WILL get you into a fish. Very knowledgeable about the local wildlife and uses this knowledge to find fish. Went out with family and we had some beginners in the group. Everyone caught a fish (even Daryl). He really is passionate about his job and can answer questions. Everyone is welcome from beginners to the most experienced anglers.
- Toddrick

We’ve fished with Ian for the last 3 summers. Kings, reds and silvers. Ian has never lets us down. Every year he puts us on the fish. Ian is a hard working guide who knows the rivers and does right by his clients. If you want to make some “memories”, fish with Ian!!
- Jodi


Guided Half-Day / 3-4 Day / Full-Day Fishing Trips

We are here to help you with all of your fishing needs. Whether it be freshwater or saltwater, we've got a service that will suit any need!

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