When it comes to fishing, Alaska is the 49th state. The best place for salmon hunting and relaxation in this gorgeous jurisdiction would have an upright position on your list of destinations; with seven spots that should be at least considered before heading out there! We all know that the Kenai River is a hot spot for salmon fishing. It’s not surprising then, to find out it has been named “the best of Alaska’s #1 sportfishing destinations!


Boat Launch & Fishing License

I’ll contact you a couple of days before your trip and we will decide what boat launch and what time we’ll be meeting in the morning. Depending on the species of fish we’re targeting, the best fishing can be early in the morning, so be prepared for an early start. Make sure to arrive at the launch early and give yourself time to pay boat launch fees. Be sure to purchase an accurate Fishing License before your arrival.  If you are fishing for King Salmon you will need a King stamp in addition to the regular license.  The King stamp can be purchased from the same link provided above. The regulations for fishing can change constantly and I will educate the group pre-trip.

Food & Water

Unless we have other arrangements, please bring lunch, snacks, and specialty drinks for every day that you are on the water. Hydrating is extremely important so I will be providing enough water for everyone on the boat.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Please eat before you arrive or grab something to eat on the boat. Cooks Corner is a convenient place to stop for breakfast in the morning. They have breakfast burritos and sandwiches and it’s about a five-minute drive to Bing’s Landing (one of the main boat launches).  Keep in mind, early morning start times are often earlier than open hours for most restaurants, so plan meals the night before.

Weather & Gear

The weather is always changing in Alaska, so when you arrive make sure that you have layers and warm enough clothes for the worst conditions. Always bring a rain jacket even if the forecast doesn’t call for it. Try not to wear cotton unless it’s one of those hot sunny July days. Bring sunscreen for the really hot days. I will have some extra layers in case of an emergency but feel free to bring a dry bag with your extra basic layers. Be strategic about what you bring if you are fishing on the drift boat because the space is limited. You will most likely be on a powerboat, on the powerboat I have plenty of room for everything you would like to bring.  

Fishing Techniques

I will go over the gear and techniques that we will be using throughout the day.  Fly-fishing is a passion of mine and can be a very successful way to catch fish. That being said, being open to trying new techniques can make for a better fishing day. I am very happy to teach you! These techniques are very easy to learn and I often teach people that are completely new to fishing.  For the most part, salmon fishing will be done on conventional gear. Feel free to ask questions at any time.

Catch & Release

Catch and release is a common practice here in Alaska. Our fisheries are some of the best in the world and we still have almost 100 percent native fish. Alaska Department of Fish & Game does a great job managing the runs. There are limits in place to make the future of our runs sustainable. I prefer to release trout, but when the salmon are fresh and running strong there will be a great opportunity to take home your limit. If you are interested in taking salmon home make sure you have a good plan to get them home. It can be very expensive and time sensitive to get your daily limits home, especially if you live out of state. At the end of the charter I will filet your fish and put them in bags. Please have a cooler ready with ice so the fish doesn’t spoil; it can’t sit without ice for very long. Below is a list of a few local processors that can vacuum seal and FedEx your freshly caught salmon. This is the best way to get your fish home safely if you will be traveling around Alaska after your fishing trip.

Custom Seafoods

Great Alaska Seafood

Kasilof Seafoods